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Young lady found dead at Abura Dunkwa with body parts missing

In the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District of the Central Region, a lady who was thought to be in her 20s was discovered dead in Nkramofukrom, close to Abura Dunkwa.

It is believed that the deceased was a student.

On Sunday, she was discovered in a pool of blood in a nearby thicket with several of her body parts missing, including her head and clitoris.

In addition to being overcome with terror and panic, locals have voiced disbelief at the tragedy.

Due to how her underwear and pants were taken off, she is thought to have been raped before being murdered.

Being unable to be identified by the locals, the deceased is likewise unknown to the community.

The police issued a public call to action for anybody with information that may result in the capture of the criminals to get in touch with their local police station.

While an inquiry is underway, the corpse has been sent to the mortuary at Cape Coast Teaching Hospital for preservation and an autopsy.

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