You’ll suffer ‘erectile dysfunction – Kumchacha curses men against his presidential ambition

The contentious prophet recently announced his intention to run for President of the country, but many have dismissed this as one of his usual jokes and others have said that he is unworthy of holding such a prominent office.

The man of God, however, claims that everyone who makes light of his bid for the presidency will experience erectile dysfunction. In addition, he warned that anyone who posts disparaging remarks about him on social media will develop leprosy.

He declared that his group, the Kum People’s Party (KPP), is here to end difficulties on Accra’s Hitz FM.

“We’re about to eradicate poverty and hunger in Ghana…

Have you seen the security that surrounds me? It goes beyond that of the president.

“Anyone who speaks out against my bid for president will be silenced. You’ll contract leprosy and experience erectile problems. For at least 20 years, your manhood won’t work.

He stated, “Someone called stating Kumchacha doesn’t qualified for president,” to emphasize his argument. Anyone who makes that claim is a complete moron; you are insane. I’m a man of fifty. According to the Constitution, anyone who is of sound mind and has never served time in prison may run for president. I’ve never been imprisoned.

He added that he is the finest Twi candidate for president because Ghanaians have been electing English-speaking candidates since the country’s independence, but nothing has come of it.

“Someone claimed Kumchacha couldn’t speak English; let me clarify that the Korean president travels with an interpreter because he doesn’t speak the language. Even George Weah, president of Liberia, who was previously a football player… You cannot claim that Kumchacha does not qualify because anything is possible. Anyone who opposes my bid for the presidency is an idiot, and you will pass away before your time, he declared.

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