You will continue to pay e-levy despite IMF bailout – Government to Ghanaians

The Ministry said “NO. ” when asked if the fee will be eliminated. IMF financing will be used to help Ghana’s balance of payments (i.e. to shore up the international reserves).

In order to ensure that the government can continue to support its developmental goals without the assistance of the IMF, as well as to ensure that the tax-to-GPD ratio rises to the peer range of 16 to 18 percent, the government is committed to ensuring the smooth operationalization of all taxes, including the e-levy.

The statement said that an IMF-backed program “is likely to motivate the government to study the causes impeding the implementation of the e-levy (including by providing technical assistance if needed) and come up with plans to improve it.

The Ministry further stated that the government’s efforts to revive the economy will be aided by the profits from the electronic transfer levy.

The Finance Ministry also mentioned that over the medium term, more tax measures may be taken into consideration.


Asaase Radio has reported that the IMF team, under the leadership of Carlo Sdralevich, arrived in Ghana today in preparation for the talks with the GoG.

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