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You destroyed young women with your feminism campaign; Kwasi Kwarteng tells Gifty Anti

Kwasi Kwarteng claims that the audience of the renowned broadcaster who listened to her counsel on women’s empowerment began an unhealthy competition with their men, which hastened the breakdown of their homes and marriages.

Mr. Kwasi Kwarteng said in a Facebook post that the former GTV news anchor had betrayed her supporters. He claims that Gifty Anti encouraged her followers to put their jobs first and put their marriages on hold, only for them to eventually act in the opposite way.

“This is what you did and destroyed the identity of many young women who followed you religiously but blindly.

“Sadly, you have reduced life to a competition between men and women. In your attempt to help young women find their identity, you erroneously created an impression as if the only thing they need in this world is their career and that life is all about how they can be better than men”, he added.

In a news article, Gifty Anti was reported as saying that “every guy is terrified of a powerful woman.” The GES P.R.O. was in response to that statement.

Young women were told that their career was the only factor that mattered in terms of development, he said. You betrayed the same values you claimed to uphold today. I hope you will have the guts to re-educate them and show them the importance of a well-balanced life that includes a family, marriage, and profession. And that they can still succeed despite not considering males to be rivals.

In a world when our identity is primarily corporate and created by society, he highlighted, “To over-emphasize career at the altar of others has proven to be consequentially unfulfilling.”

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