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You can’t perform this profession unless God has called you” – Ghanaian sex worker (watch)

A Ghanaian sex worker bemoaned the fact that she has been working in the illicit trade for ten years and had nothing to show for it.

In an interview with TV3, Rochelle Grace (not her actual name) stated that she wanted to be a marketer, lawyer, or police officer.
She did not, however, receive the necessary backing to realize her goals. Friends exposed her to prostitution, which she has been doing for the past ten years.

“I’ve been exploited by men for 10 years and have nothing to show for it.” I have nothing; I’ve rented an apartment, and if my rent is due and I don’t have the funds to renew it, I’ll be evicted. I have accomplished nothing; this is my room; there is no luggage, nothing, and nothing to show for my efforts.

My childhood desire was to be a lawyer or a CID officer, but I didn’t have the opportunity, and these aspirations never came true,” she wept.

Rochelle Grace went on to say that the sex job she has been forced to undertake has taken away all of her pride.

She claims to pray frequently for courage to face her struggles and forgiveness from God for all of her misdeeds.

If she receives financial assistance, she says she would stop prostitution and start a respectable company.

“The street has taken all of my pride and all I own. Everything about my virginity. Everything has been seized by the street. If I have anything left, I’ll leave it up to God to decide, but I don’t.”

Rochelle Grace stated it needs the grace of God to be able to have sex with several guys for money for more than a decade.

“It is a calling, and you cannot accomplish this task unless God has called you.”

She described the deaths of some of her co-sex workers with whom she had entered the profession.

Prostitution is prohibited in Ghana, yet some Ghanaians and foreigners engage in it anyhow. They are occasionally arrested, but are finally released.

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