Yemi Alade: I felt free to perform for the first time without makeup

Yemi Alade, a well-known Afrobeats performer, has received praise for her debut public performance sans makeup.

The Johnny crooner, who performed yesterday in Belgium, thought back on the inner freedom she experienced while on stage without any cosmetic changes to her body or face.

Yemi Alade wore no makeup at all while performing in front of tens of thousands of music fans, claiming that this allowed her to be completely free.

Yemi Alade highlighted the emancipation that comes with such daring on Instagram, despite the fact that it occurred unexpectedly.

“I went on stage without any makeup, costume, or pre-stage photo-up for the first time in my whole career! Although it wasn’t my first intention, I’ve never felt more uninhibited or musically out of control! A true rock star! Thank you, Brussels! I’m thirsty for more,” she wrote.

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