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YEA trains over 500 personnel as Prison Office Assistants

In collaboration with the Ghana Prisons Service, the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) began training more than 500 individuals as Prison Office Assistants (POA) on Friday, November 25, 2022 at the Prison Officers’ Training School at Ankaful.

The staff members who are undergoing training are among the more than 2000 young men and women who are being sought out nationwide to help the prison service fulfill its mission of rehabilitating inmates into moral individuals who can successfully reintegrate into society and coexist peacefully.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on behalf of the CEO, Mr. Kofi Baah Agyepong, Alhaji Bashiru Ibrahim, the Deputy Chief Executive (Operations) of YEA, cautioned the trainees to demonstrate commitment, dedication, and love for mother Ghana as they go through training to join one of the highly regarded disciplined institutions, the Ghana Prisons Service.

“We frequently despise our jails as places where society’s condemned are housed.

Although it may not seem like it, we have a difficult task to assist in molding these individuals into new personas appropriate for peaceful cohabitation in society. Modern prisons serve not just as places of detention but also as centers for social outcasts to undergo reform, recovery, and reintegration. I believe that this training is specifically designed to accomplish that,” Alhaji Bashiru stated.

He also gave them assurances about YEA’s novel agreement with the Ghana Prisons Service’s leadership to integrate all Prison Office Assistants into their regular workforce once they had successfully completed the two (2) years of their contract with YEA as part of the exit plan.

The administration of YEA implemented the exit plan as a super strategy to help the beneficiaries obtain long-term employment.

The Director of Human Resources congratulated the new recruits on behalf of the Director General of the Ghana Prisons Service for successfully completing all the requirements that allowed them to take part in the training to become Prison Office Assistants for the Youth Employment Agency and the Ghana Prisons Service.

He gave the staff his word that the instructors would inculcate in them the utmost discipline, devotion, and duty to Ghana’s motherland.

As a key stakeholder of the Criminal Justice System of Ghana contributing to the maintenance of internal security by maintaining an efficient, humane, and safe reformatory penal system operated within the laws of Ghana, it is expected that the personnel will work with vigilance, fortitude, and integrity while helping in the reintegration of ex-convicts into society.


The Youth Employment Agency’s Central Regional Director, Sarah Afful, told the media that the second round of applicants is anticipated to start training following successful application and shortlisting.

The focus of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s agenda for this nation’s young is on providing respectable and long-lasting jobs.

The YEA will continue to offer a reliable means of achieving the intended outcome.

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