YEA Signs MOU with INZAG Germany GmBH to recruit 800 skilled artisans

With the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.) between the Agency and INZAG Germany GmBH, a German construction company, the Youth Employment Agency’s Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) commitment to pursue skills training, acquisition, and development to create sustainable jobs for the teeming unemployed youth has started to bear fruit.

The goal is to find roughly 800 young people to work on the Eastern Corridor road building project from Ashaiman roundabout to Akosombo Junction.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Agency, Mr. Kofi Baah Agyepong, stated during a brief signing ceremony held at the YEA’s headquarters in Accra on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, that the Agency’s purpose was to create an environment that would help unemployed youth find employment, and that skill acquisition remained a crucial component in the young people’s quest to land their dream jobs.

He bemoaned the fact that craftsmen from Ghana’s neighbors had replaced Ghanaian artisans in the field since the latter lacked the necessary skill set that hiring companies were looking for in order to increase their output.

According to him, the Agency had accepted the challenge to alter the narrative this time around through partnerships to assist in training more youth to develop the necessary skill set for masonry, plumbing, tiling, steel bending, carpentry, and P.OP. Designing, among other trades, to meet the needs of the emerging job markets that provide the youth with decent and sustainable employment.

According to the CEO, INZAG Germany GmBH would hire approximately 700 craftsmen to work on the 64.5 km Ashaiman to Akosombo dual carriage road building and repair in order to provide them with a sustainable income while also utilizing their skills to build this important state asset.

High security and safety standards established to safeguard the employees from exploitation through well planned welfare and safety procedures are one of the Agreement’s key selling points.

He further added that protective clauses have been inserted to cater for risks and other occupational hazards that might improbably occur to any worker during working hours or in the course of discharging their duties. He further explained that workers to be engaged under the Agreement would have their income taxes, social security contributions, and all other statutory payments made on their behalf by INZAG Germany.

In the event that such an unwanted situation arises, we have also detailed processes to provide a suitable forum for complaints, disciplinary actions, and conflict resolutions.

He urged local and foreign private investors, business leaders, public corporations, and state-run enterprises to depend on YEA for their labor requirements.

He declared that the Agency would open the portal for potential employees to register after the MOU was signed.

On their end, the INZAG Team stated that the road project’s construction will start in December of this year or early in 2019.

They clarified that wages would differ depending on the class of workers, from skilled laborers to unskilled laborers.

The agency’s chief executive officer, Mr. YEA, signed on behalf of the organization, while the construction company’s country manager, Mr. Fernando Mariano, signed on behalf of INZAG Germany.


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