Yaw Tog calls out a “fake friend” on live tv, saying, “He attacked me spiritually.”

Yaw Tog, a rapper, has spoken candidly about his spiritual conflict with unidentified evil spirits coming from his own music label.

The young rapper, who experienced some obstacles in his career, claimed in an interview with TV3’s NewDay that they were caused by a spiritual attack from a “false friend.”

“The individual chose to challenge me. It surprised me. Something about that really touched me. It was a major setback for me, but I made the decision to maintain my composure, pray about it, and write music because I can’t battle the individual.

Throughout the upsetting time, Yaw Tog kept on talking about his experience. The teenage rapper immediately gained notoriety and was one of the top performers in 2021 as one of the originators of Asakaa (Drill) music in Ghana.

“I think I was much too young for my kind of advancement at that time. Although I’ve experienced a lot, Yaw Tog said, “I’m fine now.

He also mentioned how the encounter had given him the opportunity to revamp his spiritual practice.

I was a kid. I assumed everything. However, I’m now learning and developing. Before you may see them, you must pass through various phases. I’ll claim that life is an adventure. To be solid, you must meet many requirements.

“I have prayed from the beginning, but today it is ten times more. I pray all the time,” Yaw Tog said.

In November, Yaw Tog is expected to release an album. Check out his brand-new song, Sophia, though; it’s accessible on all digital and streaming services.

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