World dirtiest man dies shortly after taking first bath in decades

According to official media cited by news agency AFP on Tuesday, an Iranian hermit known as the “dirtiest man in the world” passed away at the advanced age of 94. “Amou Haji,” a single man who had not taken a shower in more than 50 years, passed away in the village of Dejgah in the southern province of Fars.

According to the news agency, Haji delayed taking a shower out of concern over “becoming sick.”

Haji had not taken a bath with water or soap in more than 60 years and was covered with soot. He also lived in a cinder-block shanty. The man refused to wash because of “emotional setbacks in his boyhood,” according to villagers, who also disclosed this to The Guardian.

Haji would eat roadkill to satisfy his hunger. According to a 2014 Tehran Times article cited by The Guardian, he also believed that showering and being clean would make him sick and smoked a pipe filled with animal excrement. He was also shown smoking multiple cigarettes simultaneously in photos.

However, the locals in the area managed to convince him to take a bath for the first time just last month, according to the IRNA news agency, which was cited by AFP.

According to Iranian media sites, a brief documentary film called “The Strange Life of Amou Haji” was also filmed about his life in 2013.

After Haji’s passing, an Indian guy may break the unofficial record for going the majority of his life without taking a bath.

Kailash Singh “Kalau,” a native of the holy city Varanasi, reportedly skipped having a shower for more than 30 years, according to a Hindustan Times report from 2009. He also refused to brush.

When asked why, he responded that it was to aid the nation and put a stop to “all the difficulties plaguing the nation,” according to HT. However, according to neighbors, Kalau has seven daughters and is postponing taking a bath because he thinks doing so will satisfy the gods and result in the birth of a male, according to a story from HT.

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