Woman kills former landlord with hammer, steals $40k through forged checks

On Wednesday, a lady was accused of using a hammer to kill her former landlord and stealing tens of thousands of dollars from his savings account using fake cheques.

Leonard Garber, 65, was allegedly killed inside his Mount Vernon Terrace house in West Newton, Massachusetts, by Xiu Fang Ke, 43. The murder, according to investigators, happened last week.

The Newton Police Department conducted three searches at the man’s house after his brother reported him missing on Monday. According to reports, the officers only found blood stains in his home during their most recent visit.

According to Marian Ryan, the district attorney for Middlesex County, the authorities discovered Garber’s body inside his house, wrapped in a curtain and hidden beneath building supplies and other items in the hallway.

Ryan claimed that it appeared that the body had been there for more than a day and had been positioned to be hidden from visitors entering the house.

Authorities initially thought that Garber had suffered blunt force trauma and that his corpse had been deliberately hid.

Ke can be seen on surveillance video entering Garber’s house on Thursday night and coming back two days later with a brown paper bag and a pair of plastic gloves.

Investigators also discovered that Ke, a former tenant with whom Garber had an account, had been hanging out with him. Ke was accused of stealing more than $40,000 from their joint account using counterfeit cheques, according to the police.

According to reports, the murder took place after Garber confronted Ke last week between Thursday and Saturday after learning that she was stealing from him. Ke, a Mandarin speaker who was peacefully taken into custody at the Newton Police Department’s headquarters on Wednesday and eventually admitted to the murder and theft, according to reports. Later that day in court, she was informed of her accusations by a judge through an interpreter.

According to prosecutor Julie Kunkel, “during the questioning, the defendant revealed that she had taken checks from Leonard Garber and that she had killed him.” She admitted using a hammer in a later statement.

According to 7NEWS, authorities eventually discovered that Ke also used bogus checks totaling $18,000 to settle gambling obligations from earlier this year.

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