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Woman crashes to death while pursuing cheating husband

The tragic tragedy happened on September 18, 2022, in Calabar, Nigeria’s Cross River State’s capital.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) received confirmation of the occurrence from the Sector Commander of the FRSC Cross River, Maikano Hassan, who also stated that speeding was to blame.

Despite being taken to a neighboring hospital right after, the woman was pronounced dead a few minutes later as a result of her injuries, according to Hassan, speaking to NAN.

According to reports, the deceased was operating a Toyota Highlander when she apparently lost control of the wheel on Muritala Mohammed Road, causing the speeding vehicle to veer off the road and crash into a ditch nearby.

In related news, a Ghanaian guy voiced concern over his girlfriend’s reluctance to ask him for money or accept it when he provides it to her on his own initiative.

He claims that every time he offers his lover money, she declines it and says, “Let’s use it for something extremely essential.”

He continued by saying that the only time his girlfriend accepted a gift from him was when he gave her a phone that cost GHC 1500; however, he had to tell her a fib about the cost since else she would think it was a waste of money.

In a letter posted to Anonymous Confessions of Ghanaian Women, the man expressed his suspicion that his fiancée might be having an extramarital affair due to her unusual attitude.

“Please keep me anonymous; I’ve been dating this for three to four years now, and I feel concerned. When you try to give her money, she says, “Let’s spend it for something very essential,” even though she never asks me for it.

If I remember correctly, the only gift she received from me was a phone that cost 1500 Gh, and in order to get her to take it, I had to tell her a lie about its price. Despite the fact that she has introduced me to her parents, I’m scared that she is seeing someone else in addition to me because of the way she is acting.

He wants to know if it is typical for a woman to refuse money when it is provided to her or to beg her lover for it.

His worry has provoked conflicting responses on Facebook, with some saying he should consider himself fortunate because women like his girlfriend are uncommon, while others argue that the woman’s persistent refusal of cash and presents may be cause for alarm.

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