Wiyaala declines the US Citation Award due to an alleged conspiracy by Shatta Wale

Due to a bad experience with dancehall performer Shatta Wale, songstress Wiyaala turned down a citation of Merit award that organizers intended to give her backstage.

Wiyaala and Shatta Wale both gave performances at the Crotona Park, Bronx, Summerstage concert on Saturday.

They were meant to get the citation at the concert’s intermission, but things didn’t go according to plan.

Wiyaala is accused of being denied entry to the platform to receive her citation after Shatta Wale was given his there. She didn’t like that the organizers preferred to offer it to her behind the scenes.

She claimed in a Facebook post on Sunday that team Shatta Wale was responsible for the decision not to recognize her on stage.

She continued by saying that she doesn’t accept accolades backstage and that, given the current circumstances, she had no intention of accepting the citation either.

“At around 6 p.m. on August 13th, Wiyaala was informed that she and Shatta Wale would be presented with a Citation of Merit by Vanessa L. Gibson, President of The Bronx Borough on stage during a break in his performance at @SummerStageNYC,” she tweeted.

When Shatta wale’s performance was interrupted at around 8:15 p.m., Councilwoman Vanessa L. Gibson and Wiyaala proceeded to the rear of the stage to issue the citations. While Wiyaala was told to wait, Vanessa went on to deliver the presentation. The gift was delivered to Shatta Wale.

“Without calling Wiyaala to the stage, Vanessa then quickly left. Then it was announced to Wiyaala that she might accept her prize away from the public, backstage. Under these conditions, Wiyaala declined to accept the medal and left Crotona Park for her hotel,” she added.

Members of Wiyaala’s crew questioned Vanessa about why she hadn’t been summoned up to get her Citation on stage. Initially blaming the organizers (SummerStage NYC), Vanessa later claimed that Team Shatta Wale had prevented her from calling Wiyaala forward.

“Backstage, Wiyaala does not accept honors or citations from any group.

“Wiyaala politely asks Team Shatta Wale to confirm whether they really did prevent her from entering the stage to get her citation concurrently with Shatta Wale. And if they didn’t do that, Vanessa L. Gibson needs to explain why she disrespected Wiyaala in this way on a night that was intended to be about cooperation and support.

“Wiyaala has no intention of accepting the Citation of Merit purportedly given to her by the Bronx Borough unless acceptable and plausible answers are provided. This is what took place, and we’re moving on. Good night and a closed case, #Roarrrrr.”

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