Why musicians are most likely to be denied visas at embassies – Event promoter (Video)

Nana Boateng Gyimah, a concert producer and the CEO of Inside LLC, has revealed why some of the biggest performers are turned away by embassies despite the fact that they are traveling for gigs.

He claims that the majority of musicians disregard the clause in their contracts that requires them to promote the events for which they are being paid.

He clarified that in order for these singers to easily obtain visas, they must actively promote the events they are scheduled to play in order to be seen by the counselors at the embassies, who also look at their social media profiles.

Mr. Gyimah added that some musicians’ team members weren’t educated enough to comprehend some of the contracts that were given to them.

Inside, LLC’s chief executive officer is Nana B. Gyimah.

A full-service business management and consulting firm with offices in Ghana and London, Inside, LLC is established in the US.

The company’s goal is to close the economic, lifestyle, and entertainment divide between Africa and the United States in all areas.

Ghana to the World, Afrobeats to the World, and Day in the Sun are just a few of the events that Inside, LLC hosts.

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