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Why do you fall asleep after having sex? Here are all the reasons and why it’s good

We get a lot from having a healthy, regular sex life, and one of those benefits is that we sleep better.

These are still questions that many women ask. Is it unusual to pass out after sexual activity? In no way. The body’s natural response to the effort it has put out is to feel fatigued after sexual activity.

But most of the time, a woman will naturally assume that her spouse is merely dissatisfied if a man does not snuggle up with her after they have had sex, does not chat to her, and simply rests on his back and goes to sleep.

Here are some real reasons men fall asleep after intercourse

The human body
Sex at night, particularly when the body is already worn out, becomes the first defense for the condition of drowsiness that follows sex. Even the actual sexual act need not be very “soliciting.” You should keep in mind that sex is quite calming by nature.

Lethargy is brought on by the hormones released when men ejaculate during an orgasm. There is a stronger than usual manifestation of the sleep sense. Even if the tension in the body is healthy, it is a very significant, even tiring one.

Things return to normal
Many individuals occasionally hold their breath while engaging in sex. The heartbeat gets stronger and the rhythm is more erratic. Since a result, there is a deficiency in oxygen, which adds to the desire for rest. This is nothing significant, as everything returns to normal in the postlude.

Medicinal purpose
The fact that you are sleeping should be taken positively since it shows that you have experienced an orgasm and that everything is OK. Rarely, men who are worn out during and after sex for an extended period of time may experience medical issues. In this situation, put your pride and inhibitions aside and get a full physical.

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