What These Walls Of Ghana Institute of Journalism Offered My Soul – Sefashi

What These Walls Of Ghana Institute of Journalism Offered My Soul - Sefashi

What These Walls Of Ghana Institute of Journalism Offered My Soul – Sefashi

It’s unfortunate that the building behind is very blur but anyone who’s passed through those walls behind will have a story to reckon.

Time past, I was home with the idea that education isn’t anything relevant. I was boxed to the extent that I had conceived many technical ideas to rely on. That motivation of learning a trade came because of the immediate environment I was exposed to. I saw many of such craftsmen do alot with their money. Probably the interesting part was how they change ladies from location to location. That made me to learn either Mason or POP. I was caged with the idea and with the fun part of following lots of ladies from site to site.

The Masonry work never worked because I latter hate the man the minute I saw him with a young lady which could possibly be his third born. This was the same man following one SHS colleague and I was the same person he could trust with such a “solomnised” secret.

As days grew to weeks, weeks to months and time for a man to decide life, I chose Nursing. It didn’t work but I was happy I left that field for those who really wanted it. I left not because I couldn’t perform but because I felt I was caged in a profession which I never dreamt of. Y’ll remember those Youth Employment Agency (YEA) Module for Health? Yes I was part. I was posted to Atiavi a community under the Keta Municipal, Volta Region Ghana. But it failed.

When my pastor (E.P Church, Bremen Mission. One of the oldest church buildings in Ghana) called for a scholarship opportunity to study in a Teacher Training, I agreed but I had to pay Gh¢ 900.00 just to clear my ways to the school and also buy some little stuffs for myself. Beloved, I’ve not been able to get that amount of money as at 2015/2016. In the same vein, I lost the Less-Endowed Scholarship of KNUST. Life continues isn’t it?

At the back of all that disappointments, I finally landed on a teaching job. I worked for a year but the per anum won’t buy even a proper mobile phone. I stopped and moved on to the Building and Construction sites. I was glad working with Labanes guys who were much more friendly. He’s taught me how to lay tiles instantly and there I was laying tiles in Accra Mall. My sad days anytime I pass the mall were the moments I slept in the mall on cardboards just to save transportation. On the days when this Wakye Vendor became somewhat my best friend because she’s doing the most all the time. (I’ve been there to see her recently but she never remembered me one bit).

Quickly from the Mall (2018), I went to the Industrial Area, that was when I thought I’ve arrived at the best site. Brothers, it’s not easy to stay in a factory coupled with unreasonable heat and unfavorable oxygen together with nose masks from 6am-10pm. I worked, I earned some money and “foolishly” tried savings (SUSU) with some fellows in the factory. I decided to take mine at the end of it all because I planned using it to pay for an admission to the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Teacher Training (Adã) and Cape Coast University. Unfortunately, the guy with whom my admission fee was saved left the company and I’m yet to set eyes on him.

I came to the border of leaving a zero life again. Stayed in the house for a whole year that was when I realized family is and isn’t an interesting venture. I was whipped with the bad side of family as there’s nothing to put on the table for a year. I was again captured by the good side when my Grand Uncle decided to take my cross. Since, I have been in his custody together with his wife. A woman who’s first seen a dreaming young man trying all his best yet situations failed him all the time. A woman who’ll spoil you with money and food because she feels you definitely need it to get going. The woman who declined my idea of attending a private Media school of 6-Months and propelled my idea to enroll in the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Today, the going is better. The school I’ve come and reconciled my broken dreams with. The very place I felt freedom of the mind. The walls that fed me with nothing but serenity and a promising future.

Today, my gratitude is for my Guardians whom I know don’t use this medium regularly. For they have made a man out of me. The future is exciting isn’t it?



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