We’re famished; angry nurses threaten a demonstration to demand payment

The group claims that since February 2022, the payment of their money has been late, making life more challenging.

Benjamin Mooro, a member of the disgruntled 2019 nursing class, claimed that the Degree Nurses in his or her group lack a staff identification card, making it impossible to discuss the biometric information that has been stored in the system about them.

He spoke “We are therefore giving the government until the month’s end. Since we are not allowed to be hungry in the wards. In March, the Diploma nurses began their shifts. We completed our biometrics and received our Staff ID during our National Service.

“If our information has been sent to the Ministry and we are anticipating that the necessary will be done, but it has not yet been completed. Therefore, we should hear from the Ministry at the end of the month regarding the developments with the Degree Nurse Staff ID and the salary payment. We will have to mobilize across the nation and travel to the Ministry of Health in Accra if it is not completed by the end of the month.

Mooro claimed that attempts to contact Ministry of Health authorities for some answers had failed.

And he said: “We are going hungry in the ward because most of my coworkers won’t be able to purchase a three-square lunch. Therefore, if someone who is not eating arrives at the ward, will that person be able to care for a patient?”

The nurses who are upset claim that everything about the scenario is bad for their ability to do their jobs.

“Authorities instructed us to send queries or letters to the regional health directorates around the nation, which we have already done. They also advised us to follow up with them, which we did. Our team has repeatedly assured us that they are working on it.

“Only God knows when they will be finished; we are working on it. We have followed up. We are worn out and angry “he observed

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