Wendy Shay condemns treachery in Ghana’s music industry

Afropop singer, Wendy Shay, has expressed concerns about the deception and betrayal in Ghana’s music industry.

Some people in the industry, according to the Ruff Town Records signee, are always looking for methods to instantly hinder the growth of any artist that breaks through and is succeeding.

She expressed concern about this assessment and stated that any artist who has been successful in their field for more than ten years is deserving of great appreciation.

They want you gone on Tuesday since you blew out on Monday. The music business is not simple. She wrote in a tweet, “Nuff respect to any Artiste who has done it for over 10 years and is still doing it… y’all Survivors.

Recently, the artist has been promoting her brand-new song, Survivor.

One of the rare female artists who is still active in spite of the persistent verbal abuse she has received on social media is Wendy Shay, also known professionally as Wendy Asiamah Addo.

Because many people have accused her of attempting to mimic the late Ebony Reigns, she has experienced criticism on social media.

After being the target of cyberbullies for months on end, she released a video of a woman who had experienced cyberbullying in the past and threatened to curse anyone who continued to harass her online.

“Avoid cyberbullying.” If someone tries again, curses s)))n Try and see #stopcyberbullying #ShayGang #rufftown. I understand this woman’s suffering since I’ve been there.

She was listed by the 3Music Awards Women’s Brunch as one of the Top 30 Most Influential Women in Music in March 2021.

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