Wenchi assembly members charge the police with accepting bush meat from farmers as bribes.

The police personnel in the area are being accused by the assembly members of Wenchi municipality in the Bono region of bribing them with bush meat on the roadways.

An assembly member revealed during a council meeting on Tuesday that some police officers harass farmers on market days to part with their catch, including grass cutters and rodents, before they are cleared.

“Some people are bothering our farmers, especially on market days, like today. When you arrive at Woanse, people who are going to the market have already parked there as if it were a station.

He said, “On that roadway, they’ve been pulling folks over, and it’s now turned into a revenue generation point.

The participant said that the behavior had a detrimental effect on marketplace income production.

He continued by saying that the police’s rash actions “will dissuade them from going to the market on Thursdays.”

Do you know that they go as far as even collecting grass cutters and rats? asked one person to the gathering.

He begged the Municipal Commander to let them air their grievances as voters.

The third session of the Wenchi municipal assembly’s inaugural meeting featured a discussion of these problems.

ASP Emmanuel Avudzivi, the municipal police commander, informed the council that his personnel had been advised to refrain from such actions.

As a result, strict regulations will be put in place to stop such behaviors.

Farm products must be protected with soft gloss since they are perishable and he loses clients if a vehicle headed to the market is stuck for a certain number of hours.

“Being grounded for such a long time is not the greatest for anyone getting to the market to meet a consumer.

He asked the assembly members to keep material confidential and to only share it with higher-ranking offices rather than lower-ranking employees.

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