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Wearing waist beads can prevent HIV – Kumasi residents (video)

They assert that despite the fact that the number of HIV infections is rising—23,495 persons in Ghana tested positive between January and June—they will continue to live fearlessly.

Residents who participated in an interview with Kumasi-based Luv FM’s Bright Emmanuel Quaicoe offered a variety of strange explanations for why they are unconcerned about the rising HIV infection rate.

One of the interviewees claimed that despite years of residence in Kumasi, they hardly ever experience malaria, much less HIV/AIDS. He believed that praying to God could confer immunity.

It’s a spiritual illness, Not everyone who contracts it will. We have lived in this area for a long time, therefore we are familiar with AIDS. However, even malaria finds it challenging to attack us.

“You will be protected if you pray and worship God properly. Because God is pleased when a man sleeps with a woman. Then God recognizes the advantages of his creations,” the speaker asserted.

Kumasians believe that HIV is a spiritual illness, and that having sex with women who wear waist beads helps prevent it.

Another local claimed in the same interview that the illness is spiritual in nature and that having intercourse with a woman wearing waist beads can prevent the virus, as if his opinion wasn’t already bizarre enough.

Actually, I’m concerned. In contrast, I believe that you won’t contract AIDS if you sleep with a girl who is wearing jewelry. So, in my opinion, we should treat it like a typical illness.

To lower infection rates, every woman should wear beads, he suggested.

Dr. Kyeremeh Atuahene, Director General of the Ghana AIDS Commission, has meantime urged those infected with the virus to benefit from the medication that is offered at numerous healthcare facilities throughout the nation.

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