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We have been cursed with leaders who care about their pockets – Ebo Whyte

James Ebo Whyte, sometimes known as Uncle Ebo Whyte, is one of Ghana’s most well-known playwrights and claims that the nation has been cursed with rulers that are just interested in accumulating fortune.

He claims that he has seen throughout the years that the nation has not been blessed with leaders who are concerned about the future of the nation.

“Leaders who put their hands in their pockets first have been a blight on us. He asked, “What am I going to gain from this?”

On Saturday, October 29, 2022, he said this at the Joy Entertainment-hosted ShowBiz Roundtable that was held at the Labadi Beach Hotel.

The thought-leadership session, with the theme “Music Business and Tourism,” intends to delve deeply into the subject and shift the focus from merely highlighting some of the industry’s problems to exchanging ideas and insights that are essential to the development and growth of the creative sector.

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Uncle Ebo asserted that when the meeting’s recommendations are given to the leaders, “it won’t mean anything to them and that is terrible” because of this.

The motivational speaker continued, “He is distrustful of anyone who spends more to achieve a job for which you would be paid less than what is put in,” because of the mindset of the nation’s leaders.

“For example, traveling to Parliament would cost so much money that even if all you received was a salary plus ex-gratia, it would still not be worth what you spent to get there, yet people are willing to risk their lives to go there. That is to say, we are not here for the reasons you believe; rather, we are coming because we have seen something that, while we may be unable to share it with you, is present and that we want to take.

Mr. Ebo Whyte voiced sadness at the government’s decision to leave the creative sector to its fate.

He longed for the day when a government would prioritize the creative sector as its legacy.

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