Vladimir Putin poised for all-out attack on Ukraine after ammunition depots hit

Defense troops are targeting ammunition stockpiles to thwart Russian forces’ intentions as they prepare for an all-out ground onslaught on Ukraine’s east.

Today, Ukrainian forces conducted a major rocket attack on a Russian stash close to the invader-occupied Black Sea town of Kherson.

The defense force’s move in the southern city of Nova Kakhova was a component of Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which aimed to break Moscow’s control over its Black Sea ports and reopen its maritime commerce.

The military leaders in Moscow have sent several troops from the south to the east to join the assault on the Ukrainian Donbas area.

However, continuous assaults on Moscow’s ammunition depots may cause Russian forces to put off their invasion of the region.

An American High Mobility Artillery Rocket System that was supplied made it feasible to strike the ammo warehouse.

Eight HIMARS missile systems were just sent to Ukraine.

With their aid, Ukrainian forces may engage invaders from a distance of 70 miles.

There will soon be more long-range weapons coming from NATO nations. The attack on the facility occurred as the number of people killed in Russia’s weekend missile strike on an apartment building in Donetsk reached 41.

A warning went out across the country that Russia is stepping up its strikes on civilian targets. In the southern side of the Donbas area, Donetsk, nine further people were murdered and two more were injured.

According to the Kyiv presidential office, Russian rocket assaults targeted the cities of Sloviansk and Toretsk, where a daycare was struck. According to today’s statement from the British military, Russia is still making “modest, incremental gains” in Donetsk.


Last week’s fierce fighting there prompted the province’s governor to urge the remaining 350,000 inhabitants to leave.

Russian airstrikes in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, damaged residential structures, according to local authorities, killing four people and injuring nine more.

The southern city of Mykolaiv was struck by Russian fire this morning, according to Ukrainian authorities, inflicting 12 injuries.

Regional governor Vitaliy Kim said that two medical institutions were struck by rockets.

As Russian soldiers advanced today, air raid sirens could be heard in Lviv to the west and other places.

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