Video of Joyce Blessing drunk and professing love to her man surfaces online (video)

Gospel singer Joyce Blessing has been spotted drunk in a video on social media.

The ‘Trending’ singer could be seen drinking wine from its bottle and uttering personal things in the video that is quickly becoming viral. She drank the wine from the bottle and exclaimed, “This is red wine, you made me intoxicated.”

The gospel singer was also heard saying, “I love you, I fucking love you,” in the footage. She appeared to be intoxicated.

When the video was shot and who she was transmitting it to are both unknown. Although several accounts indicate she is experiencing a broken heart, the topic has been trending on social media.


“Agraa Tupac states that this is Joyce Blessing’s broken heart video; does it intend to reach everyone?” The video below was captioned by blogger Those Called Celebs.

Another blogger, Cutie Juls, who shared the video, said that Joyce Blessing, a Ghanaian gospel singer, “supposedly prophesied her love to her side boo while under the influence of alcohol.”

A tragic divorce has recently been going on for Joyce Blessing. She was charged with having an extramarital affair, but she denied the allegations.

Kwesi Aboagye of Peace FM said that Dave Joy conducted a DNA test without the gospel singer’s permission and found out that one of their three children was not his, but in her reaction, she stated, “I have never dated two males at the same time.” “.

“Nooooo. I’ve never been on a date with two men at once. And before to being married, I never dated a man. It is quite irritating “.


“People who talk about others as if they have known them for a long time don’t appeal to me. In the meanwhile, they have never met the subject,” Blessing said in response to the DNA charge.


She remained silent regarding the DNA rumors, but she said, “I believe everyone deserves a second opportunity, and this is because a man’s failure does not spell the end of him. I shall thus offer everyone a second opportunity

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