Veteran actor, Prince Yawson ‘Waakye’ reported dead

According to reports, the well-known actor passed away this morning at the 37 Military Hospital following a battle with illness.

Waakye passed away at age 52.

Veteran performer Bob Smith Jr. (Diaboloman), who was inconsolable, verified the awful event.

The actor, better known by his stage name “Waakye,” has appeared in a number of important Ghanaian films.

The actor verified rumors about his illness in October 2020 but stated that God had cured him.

This came after claims that he had experienced a small stroke in the past.

He described a recent near-death experience in an emotional conversation with television journalist Kofi Adoma Wawani. He acknowledged that aside from a timely divine intervention, he was essentially dead and had just just escaped death’s clutches.

“In order to get ready for the Ghana at 60 celebrations, we had gone to rehearsals. I started to feel uneasy after we closed and I came home. At first light, I awoke, but I didn’t check the clock. I was concerned when I noticed that my heart was pounding and that I was perspiring a lot, both of which I had never experienced before.

We went to the Trust Hospital at Osu, and I must admit the nurses did a great job. I commend the coconut seller, he stood beside me until I was discharged. The father of two explained that when he got to the coconut seller, he bought 2 and drank the juice but was still not feeling well so he relaxed on the heap of coconut behind the seller, feeling helpless at that moment.

“From midnight till dawn, I was in excruciating pain at the hospital, and I knew death was near. I gasped for air and realized that this was it,” the screenwriter admitted.

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