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Urinating before and after sex: Here’s why it is good for you

Regarding common misconceptions and myths about sex and sexual health, women frequently hear the advise to always urinate before having sex.

The possibility of this preventing urinary tract infections has been mentioned.

But is this true, and do most men and women actually benefit from the tradition of urinating before or after sex?

What do professionals have to say?

You should urinate both before and after having intercourse. This is because if you have urine in your bladder while having sex, the bacteria that is pushed inside could proliferate, especially if you don’t urinate straight away after the sexual activity.

What advantages do you get from urinating before sex?

Many men and women, most notably for sexual pleasure, feel driven to urinate before to sexual activity for reasons other than preventing UTIs. From the standpoint of enjoyment, it makes sense to urinate before having intercourse. Some people become aware of their bladder as they approach an orgasm when they feel the urge to urinate. It stops people from having orgasms.

increasing pleasure

You may feel less worried about urinating if you empty your bladder first. Knowing that your bladder is empty can make the difference between suppressing an orgasm and letting it out. It is common knowledge that ladies feel like they need to urinate shortly before ejaculation. Some people prefer to urinate before having sex since they have relatively small bladders. Furthermore, requesting your spouse to release when they are doing a sensual deed is quite inconvenient.

Extra time spent in bed
When I urinate prior to sex, one can engage in foreplay for extended periods of time without pausing for a pee break. This actually makes it easier for you to partake in both your own and your partner’s pleasure.


Most women’s immune systems are capable of successfully battling the bacteria that cause UTIs. If you must, it’s best to urinate after sexual activity. Talk to your family doctor or OB-GYN about the proper steps you should take to minimize the dangers when having sex if you frequently get UTIs.

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