Upper West NADMO Regional Director Eulogise Director General Of NADMO

Upper West NADMO Regional Director Eulogise Director General Of NADMO

The Upper West NADMO Regional Director, Mustapha Ahmed has praised the Director General of NADMO Hon Nana Agyeman Prempeh for bringing transformation into the organization especially on matters relating to staff welfare.

According to him, Since the establishment NADMO, the organization has had many National Coordinators and Director Generals who contributed their quota towards the growth of the organization. But in recent times, NADMO has seen a tremendous organizational growth and development under the leadership of the current Director General.

“Hon Nana Agyeman Prempeh who was former administrator and well skilled personnel in modern day organizational management has chalked a lot of success which brings both National and international commendations to him and NADMO at large” he added.

In an interview with the regional Director, he highlighted certain key things the DG together with his 16 regional directors embarked on to better the organization and the general welfare of NADMO Staff. Notable among others were;

Capacity building for staff, the mass promotion exercise in the organization which led to the promotion of many staff from junior ranks to senior ranks. A typical example he cited was the case of Upper West Regional Secretariat where 148 out of 185 officers were duly promoted.
According to the Director, workers had been working without promotion and any capacity building close to ten years until under the DGs mandate when things changed for the better. This he described as not just demoralizing the spirit of workers to give off their best but was also retrogressing the entire organization.

He disclosed that the Upper West Regional Secretariat has a total staff strength of 185 personnel. Out of this number, a total number of 148 personnel were promoted either from junior rank to senior ranks or uplifted in rank category. The rest of the staff are pending promotion base on the recommendation of the Regional Director which is expected to be done before the last quarter of the year. This he again described as unprecedented in the annals of NADMO.

Another feat the DG added to his unassailable record is his quick response to releasing relief items to the Upper West Secretariat any time disaster struck. As such, His Excellency Nana Addo’s decision to maintain Hon Agyeman Prempeh as the DG of NADMO couldn’t have been a better one and comes as no surprise at post to well-meaning staff of the organisation.

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) under the Ministry of the Interior was established by ACT 517 of 1996 with the responsibility to manage disasters and similar emergencies in the country. The Act was later amended and replaced by Act of 927 of 2016.

The new Act restructured the organisation under the Ministry of the Interior to make it more efficient. It was also to enable it coordinate all the relevant agencies at the national, regional and district levels more effectively. NADMO functions under a National Secretariat, ten (16) Regional Secretariats, two hundred and forty-three (243) Metropolitan, Municipal and District secretariats and over nine hundred (900) Zonal offices throughout the country.

It’s core function is to Prepare national disaster plans for preventing and mitigating the consequences of disasters in Ghana. Also, NADMO’s goal is to provide Professional approach to disaster management system as well as Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction.

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