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University of Ghana, Mensah Sarbah Hall floods after hours of heavy downpour

The rains on Tuesday came and passed, leaving a trail of destruction over most of Accra.

It appears that the Mensah Sarbah Hall at the University of Ghana was not an exception.

The gutters overflowed as a result of the night’s heavy rainfall, which caused the flood.

Residents of the hall claim that just the Porter’s Lodge, the parking lot, and the entrance to the hall were flooded, leaving the rooms unaffected.

According to reports, the Central Cafeteria grounds beside the hall were also inundated.

However, the Sarbah Hall residents were not at all astonished because, according to them, this is not unusual after a lot of rain. Since the water was contained, no significant damage has been reported.

The deluge has severely impacted access to regions around Mensah Sarbah Hall and the Night Market, making them inaccessible to visitors.

This has mostly been due to the drainage systems surrounding the impacted areas not being properly maintained.

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