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Unemployed nurses to picket November 10

Some unemployed nurses around the nation have made indications that they want to protest the government’s delay in posting them to the various hospitals so they may start working.

On November 10, 2022, the unemployed nurses from Nurse Assistant Clinicals (NAC) and Nurse Assistant Preventives (NAP) will protest and picket the Ministries of Health (MoH) and Finance.

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Ebenezer Enadu, the group’s public relations officer (PRO), informed that despite having been given a license to practice, this batch of nurse assistant clinicals and nurse assistant preventives has been at home since 2019 and has not yet been posted to any public or private facility.

He explained that: “It’s not the first time we have demonstrated, we have picketed, we have gone through a whole lot of processes. “We have dialogued on several occasions with the various stakeholders but nothing to write home about and so this is the reason for embarking on this exercise again.”

Before the group’s scheduled demonstration, the PRO for the group went into more detail on what was expected of them.

“The expectation is very straightforward that the Ministry of Finance will issue a financial clearance. We are only assuming that the Nurse Assistant Clinicals and Preventives have gone through the Ministry of Health Recruitment portal and have been given the various regions for which they will be posted.

The Ministry of Health only hired nurses who had financial clearance, so the PRO said, “We understand the delay in posting is a result of that. We’re seeking the prompt issuance of the financial clearance.”

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