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Two Police officers promoted for arresting one of their own who was in possession of suspected Indian Hemp

The Police Administration has promoted two officers, Inspector Azumah Komla Justice and No. 52543 G/L/CpL Felix Diameh for their role in effecting the arrest of No. 45638 G/Sgt Lotsu Agbeko, a Police officer stationed at the Formed Police Unit (FPU) in Accra

This was stated in a news statement sent out on Tuesday, June 14 by the police.

Following a collision on the Kpeve highlands in the Volta Region, a police officer from the Tesano-Accra Formed Police Unit was evacuated to the Peki Government Hospital, where he is now being closely guarded.

The police officer, identified as G/Sergeant Lotsu Agbeko, 36, was reportedly driving his own Toyota Corolla to the Volta Region when he failed to heed a signal to halt when he reached the Have police barrier.

The people guarding the barrier gave pursuit after him after he disregarded the signal.

Unfortunately, he was engaged in an accident and had a fracture to his left hand as a result. He was then transported quickly to the local hospital.

84 packets of substances thought to be Indian hemp were discovered crushed in the boot of his car during a check.

He is reportedly reacting to the medication.

The suspect has been under protection since the incident on Saturday, June 11, at 12:30 pm, according to a situational report released by the Kpeve police on Tuesday, June 14.

The substance have been retrieved

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