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Two former executives charged and jailed for corruption in Guinea

Two previous forerunners in Guinea have been imprisoned as defilement allegations mount against those near ousted President Alpha Conde since the September military overthrow in Conakry.

“Amadou Damaro Camara and Lounceny Camara will now be taken to jail and they have quite recently been shipped off jail,” the extraordinary examiner of the Court of Repression of Economic and Financial Offenses (Crief), Aly Touré, told the press.

The two: Amadou Damaro Camara, previous leader of the National Assembly, and Loucény Camara, previous leader of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Céni) and previous Minister of Hotels and Tourism, were accused of affirmed “misappropriation of public assets”, “unlawful improvement”, “tax evasion”, and “defilement”, said Mr Touré.

Both are noticeable individuals from the Rassemblement du Peuple de Guinée (RPG), the party of Mr. Condé, who was president from late 2010 until his fall in 2021.

In late 2018, during the savagely stifled dissent of Mr Conde’s last a long time in power, Mr Damaro Camara had analyzed resistance exhibits in certain region of the capital at the level of the revolt to “fantastic banditry” and “culpability”, supporting that they be put down with “weapons” and not “sticks”.

The detainment and prosecution of the two men bring to somewhere around nine the quantity of previous government authorities, including eight ex-clergymen arraigned and detained on charges of misrepresentation or defilement in the West African country.

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