Twitter drama continues with blue-tick confusion

Twitter is seeing further unrest as a result of high-profile employees quitting and ongoing changes to the verified account regulations.

Concerns about the way Twitter is taking under its new billionaire boss have been expressed by users both on and off the platform.

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And after being taken away, the grey “Official” badges came back in less than two days.

A day after being online, several users are complaining that the Twitter Blue membership sign-up option has vanished.

The Federal Trade Commission stated that it was following the situation with “great concern.”

Mr. Musk fired 3,700 people in his first few weeks as CEO, but he hadn’t spoken to the vast majority of Twitter employees who were still employed there.

‘The road ahead is arduous and will require intense work to succeed,’ he warned in his first email to the staff.

“There is a good chance Twitter won’t survive the upcoming economic downturn without significant subscription revenue,” he said.

‘The path ahead is arduous and will take intense labor to succeed,’ he said in his first email to the staff.

“There is a considerable probability Twitter won’t survive the approaching economic crisis without big subscription money,” he stated.

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