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Tricycle rider dies in collision with ambulance

In the horrible side-impact collision with an ambulance in Koforidua, the Eastern regional capital, a trike rider perished.

The ambulance with the New Juaben North constituency emblem was traveling to St. Joseph hospital to pick up an urgent patient for transport to Accra.

However, the side-impact collision was caused by the trike rider who carelessly crossed the ambulance driver although other automobiles had yielded to the ambulance.

The tricycle’s rider and another passenger were thrown off the tricycle and beneath the ambulance, where they were crushed by the impact of the collision.

The injured were loaded into the accident ambulance and transported quickly to the hospital, but the rider passed away there.

However, the injured passenger is responding well to care.

After visiting the scene and making inventory, police officers from the motor traffic and transport division tow the Pragya tricycle to the regional police headquarters for additional investigation.

The deceased’s Accra-based relatives has been notified.

According to Michael Gaani, the Eastern Regional Director of the Ghana Ambulance Service, “It happened on September 23, 2022, on a Friday. An urgent CT scan was being sent in the ambulance to Accra. Therefore, other vehicles stopped giving him the right of way, and this rider believed he could move quickly. The Pragya then struck him in the chest after brushing the side of the ambulance. He passed away as a result.

According to Michael Gaani, reckless tricycle riders seriously impede traffic in the area.

“Tuesday at Aburi, one of the Pragya struck the rear of our ambulance, destroying all the lights. They are killing themselves by crashing our ambulances. The cyclists are simply riding regardless of the traffic laws because they are unaware of them.

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