Tracey Boakye’s marriage won’t reach 6 months, it’s cover-up; Oboy Siki alleges (video)

The actor asserts that he thinks the actress’s marriage to her spouse was staged as a deception. In an interview obtained by, he stated, “I don’t see it as marriage, I see it as a deception, I feel they sat and arranged something. gh

He continued, “It’s not the kind of marriage that God says the two shall become one,” in the interview he gave to a Kumawood Youtuber. It’s not God’s will; what they did was a cover-up.

“Their marriage won’t last very long. When it reaches six months, their marriage is officially over. This is because my daughter, who does everything on social media, can spend six months without using it, but you can’t do that in a happy marriage, Oboy Siki remarked.

After giving his justifications, he continued, “No responsible man will permit his wife to go on social media to talk unless the man is likewise like that. If that’s the case, it means they all got together on social media and decided to get married; in that case, it might terminate in 30 minutes.

Oboy Siki made this clear “So, what they did was planned; it was below the belt. Ghanaians shouldn’t interpret it as a wedding. I am aware of the structure of marriages; this is not a proper union “. In the video below, you can hear more from him.

At a wedding last week in Kumasi, the Ghanaian actress exchanged vows with Frank Badu. The couple has now been the most talked-about subject online as many social media users were shocked to learn of their nuptials.

Before they got married, Tracey was rumored to have dated her infamous “papano,” who is still unidentified. Additionally, it has come to light that Tracey’s current husband, Frank Badu, was once romantically linked to Vivian Jill, an actress from Kumawood.

Some social media users have been criticizing the couple’s marriage in response to these rumors, but the couple is reassuring their detractors that they will remain together for better or worse and till death do them part.

Frank posted a video of his wife Tracey driving him around town. The happy pair could be seen in the video flashing their wedding bands while enjoying Cina Soul’s appearance on Akwaboah’s love ballad “Obiaa.”

Frank’s Instagram photo had the following text: “unless they kill God 🙏❤️ #francey22 Yaa, I love you 😘.” and his wife Tracey left a remark on the post as a result. She scribbled “mine.”

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