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Tracey Boakye tears out, “I want to be married so I can stop fornicating.”

Tracey Boakye, an actress and socialite, has spoken out about her desire to settle down as a married lady.

The 30-year-old mother of two feels that her immediate objective is to settle down as a wife.

Tracey Boakye’s son is said to be the son of popular footballer Yahya Mohamed, while her daughter’s father is unknown to the public.

Despite the fact that her true love is still unknown, the actress has taken the moniker ‘Hisonlychick,’ which she claims was given to her by her anonymous boyfriend.

She is claimed to have stated in a few interviews that her mysterious boyfriend is well-known and important, an explanation that many have interpreted as implying that he is a politician.

The actress claimed her main ambition is to settle down forever when appearing as a guest on a recent episode of the celebrity profiling TV show ‘Atuu.’

She claims that this will help her avoid fornication.

“What else am I looking for in this world?” I have everything I need to be successful in life. “All that’s left for me to do is get married and stop fornicating,” she explained.

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