TikTok allegedly banned Afia Schwarznagger.

The reason for the account’s deletion is unclear.

On Saturday, there were a lot of rumors that the contentious showbiz figure may have broken a rule controlling the video-sharing website.

She hasn’t personally verified the ban, but the account isn’t visible on TikTok.

Afia promoted her new account with two videos that were focused on spiritual reading while she intimated that her former account had been hacked in separate postings on Instagram on Friday and Saturday.

She made no mention of the widely circulated rumors that she had been expelled, though.

TikTok is a social networking site geared at creativity and entertainment. To ensure that everyone using the app is adhering to the same regulations, there are community guidelines in place.

The app may terminate a user’s account if they persistently violate the community rules. This is done to guarantee that the app continues to be an enjoyable and secure environment for all users.

Sharing unlawful stuff on TikTok is the quickest way to have your account suspended. On the platform, TikTok has a stringent set of rules for what it will and won’t accept.

This covers material that encourages bullying, use of illicit substances, drinking, nudity, or any other form of sexuality.

Account holders who repeatedly break any of these guidelines risk being barred from the platform.

On TikTok, breaking the rules frequently can result in a ban, although it seems some infractions are more serious than others and can result in a ban sooner.

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