Three students of Opoku Ware SHS arrested for robbery

The robbery took place on August 12, 2022, a Friday.
The three students, who ranged in age from 17 to 19, were unsuccessful in their effort to steal a taxi from its driver on Friday night, according to the Ashanti Central Divisional Command.

According to reports, the driver picked up the suspects in the Santasi neighborhood.

According to the report, the passengers claimed they needed his services to get to the Lancaster Kumasi City, formerly known as the Golden Tulip Hotel, in the Nhyiaeso district.

They threatened to stab the taxi driver if he didn’t turn over the ignition key when they arrived in the Rattray Park neighborhood.

When the automobile struck a wall not far from the Ridge Police Station and the Royal Golf Park Junction while the driver wrestled with them, witnesses from a local club intervened to help the taxi driver.

One of the students fled but was later apprehended, while two of the pupils were detained and turned over to the police.

The three lads who were arrested are, according to Opoku Ware School administration, their students.

The three offenders were expelled from the boarding house for insubordination, according to a report issued by the school and signed by Bismark Agyemang Duah, the secretary of the disciplinary committee.

The father of one of the boys allegedly engaged in a fight with a former assistant headmaster of the school over his hatred of his kid, rendering repeated attempts to change the boys’ unfavorable attitudes fruitless.

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