Those who booed Nana Addo should have attacked him – Shatta Wale (video)

In a furious video, a Ghanaian dancehall artist informs the country’s president that Ghanaians are fed up with his administration’s subpar performance. Shatta Wale claims that he is spreading the message from the street.

In a video that is becoming viral, Shatta Wale said, “The street is hot, I’m telling you something, the country is not doing good.”

“We were all in Ghana when people claimed that Mahama hadn’t accomplished anything, and that now that he’s gone and you’ve taken over, you aren’t even trying. They say you shouldn’t try, according to popular entertainment, but I’m telling you, “Shatta Wale made a point.

According to Shatta Wale, individuals that booed the President at the Global Citizen Festival ought to have been imprisoned because they are cowards.

His remarks implied that they ought to have assaulted the president instead, so that when they are apprehended, the public will perceive that they gave their lives in defense of the nation.

He said, “You say the President is not doing anything, the President has come to Independence Square, can’t you f*ckin give yourself for the country like how Shatta Wale sacrificed himself to go to jail so that preachers will stop acting foolishly in this country.

“The person who shot the video didn’t do well,” he added in the video below, “like all individuals in that category should have been arrested, dumb lads in the crowd, kwasia you too grab knife, slash the president so they understand that you want to change things.”

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