This man is the best rapper in the world – KKD showers praises on Sarkodie (video)

Sarkodie received appreciation for his tough words from KKD, who met him and stated the rapper shouldn’t pass away before receiving his “flout.”

At the listening session for King Promise’s 5Star album, KKD said that he admires Sarkodie for his talent and the fact that he hasn’t changed.

“The narrative you provide, the counsel you offer, and the inspiration you offer to individuals in the culture. To hear the impact of your words, people need master the language you are using. Because nobody should be compelled to learn yet another complex language.

He suggested to Sarkodie that instead of changing his technique, the Ghanaian singer should make fans search for deeper meanings in his music.

“However, those who value the craft must request translation services.

They compare translation to a lady, saying that when she is lovely, she is unfaithful, and when she is faithful, she is not attractive. Translation is tough. However, if you find someone to properly translate, “said he.

Sarkodie should not pass away before he is honored because, according to KKD, he is a great man. He also expressed his love and gratitude for Sarkodie.

“I adore you, Sarkodie; you are wonderful. You shouldn’t pass away prior to receiving your flout. Despite your youth, you are a genius. I cherish you, brother “said he.

Meanwhile, Sarkodie has clarified why most people believe he is frugal despite the fact that to him, he is not.

Even if most “Africans” desire to observe other people’s charitable deeds before assuming they are kind, the CEO of Sarkcess Music claims that his “personality” makes it difficult for him to accomplish that.

He feels as though he is demeaning the recipient when he is being videotaped or photographed while donating.

Sarkodie said, “I detest when they have a camera on me and I have to pay money to people,” in an interview with MacG on the South African podcast ‘PodcastAndChill. It implies to me that I don’t respect you… I view it that way.

Despite what most people anticipate of him, he emphasized that he will not be pressured to behave in a manner that he feels inappropriate.

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