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Thief leaves emotional message after raiding Pentecost church at Bogoso

After successfully fulfilling his task, a robber who stole into the Church of Pentecost-English Assembly auditorium in the Bogoso District of the Western Region left a heartfelt message.

After the members had left for the evening service, the unidentified robber made off with two amplifiers, a drive, and other valuables.

Members of the church returned the following day only to discover that the auditorium had been looted, according to The robber had left a letter, scribbled in red ink.

He is requesting God’s blessings.

The only person who helped a thief on the cross, according to the letter, was Jesus.

Many churchgoers are currently in a state of shock as a result of the thief’s actions.

Samuel Kumi, the presiding elder of the church, who corroborated the information, stated that the Bogoso Police Command has formally begun investigations that may result in the thief’s arrest.

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