They put my picture in church, prayed for my music career to fail – Eno Barony

A female rapper better known by her stage name Eno Barony, has disclosed how her church members prayed against her musical endeavors.

She claimed that after the congregation saw her photo and prayed against her skill because they felt it was not from God, she was born to a preacher.

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She said in an interview with Asieduwaa Akumia on Prime Morning on Friday that her church members believed her music to be demonic. They thought she was demon-possessed.

They hung my photo in the church and prayed that neither my music nor anything else should be successful for me, she recalled.

We’re cool, even though it wasn’t easy at first, she said when questioned about her relationship with her father.

The hip-hop rapper continued by sharing how she fled her home to launch her music career.

I was first concealing it, she admitted. I hid it until I was unable to conceal it any longer due to the fact that I am on TV and everywhere, at which time it became a problem. I had to leave the house quickly.

She had the desire to become a rapper despite being unable to listen to secular music at home.

The rap queen admitted that Abrewa Nana and Mzbel were the main influences on her musical career.

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