They fought honourably – Anne-Sophie Avé on Ghana and Portugal’s match

Ambassador Ave reacted favorably to Ghana’s performance, saying that they fought honorably.

The Black Stars performed admirably, and Ms. Anne-Sophie Ave noted that it was the first Sub-Saharan nation to score two goals at the FIFA World Cup in a post published on Twitter.

The fact that Ghana was the only African team to score two goals during the span made her thrilled as well.

Take it this way, the French ambassador said in a letter. Ghana is the only sub-Saharan African team to have two goals, out of the three. And they fought honorably against Portugal, while being sad.

Ms. Sophie Ave’s post has since amassed scores of social media reactions from netizens who sided with her, while others thought the team and coach could have levelled up.

The Black Stars of Ghana battled valiantly but ultimately fell to Portugal 3-2 in their opening game at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Ghana entered the game with great expectations of defeating the Portuguese, but they fell short as their rivals controlled play from the moment the whistle blew.

As Ghana withstood all of the pressure Portugal brought to the game, the first half came to a barren conclusion.

3-2 victory over Ghana in Portugal’s 2022 World Cup opener came only after a contentious penalty that Cristiano Ronaldo won and converted ignited the contest.

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