Ghanaian men loves cheating, nothing can stop them – Actress Ama Serwaa claims


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A Ghanaian actress, Ama Serwaa said that nothing can be done by a lady in this country to change a man from cheating.

In the studios of ETV Ghana, Ama Serwah stated categorically that there is nothing that any woman can do to stop a Ghanaian man from cheating in a relationship, therefore, “don’t trust the person to the extent that you can boldly tell someone your man will never cheat,” she said.

“Keep in mind that as you’re in the relationship, anything can happen at any time,” Ama Serwah added.

Ama advised that it will make a woman better to keep it in the back of her mind that her partner will cheat, but whatever is the case, he will not think about it but will rather, focus on his positive side.


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According to her, “Some men cheat, but because they respect you, they may hide it from you. I am not encouraging cheating, but it is facts that some men will cheat and hide it from you and that is when you’ll know he respects you as his woman.”

A man who cheats on his partner and makes it visible does not show respect, but it is normal that men of today cheat on their partner.


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