The ten African countries with the highest crude oil output

As of December 2021, Business Insider Africa has identified the ten African countries with the highest crude oil production output. This list is based on facts provided by Statista.

Crude oil has long been an important source of wealth for many African governments. Crude reserves abound over the continent. According to Statista, the continent’s known crude oil reserves were estimated to be 125.3 billion barrels in 2021. Libya, Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Sudan, Egypt, Congo-Brazzaville, Uganda, Gabon, Chad, and others have the most reserves.

Which of these countries produced the most crude in 2021?

As you may be aware, having abundant crude reserves is one thing; being able and willing to extract this oil is quite another. And, given we’re looking at oil output from the previous year, it’ll be fascinating to see if the countries with the highest crude reserves also produced the most.

The 10 African nations that generated the most crude oil in 2021 are shown below. We compared data from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other reputable data mining organizations for clarity’s sake.

10 African countries with the largest crude oil production output in 2021

  1. Nigeria: This West African country was the largest crude producer in 2021. Nigeria’s average daily crude production was 1.27 million barrels.
  2. Libya: Nigeria was followed by this Northern African country which produced an average of 1.21 million barrels of crude per day in 2021.
  3. Angola: The oil-rich country produced a daily average of 1.11 million barrels of crude.
  4. Algeria: This Northern African country produced an average of 959, 000 barrels of crude per day.
  5. Egypt: Egypt produced 559, 000 barrels per day.
  6. Republic of the Congo: This country’s production output in 2021 stood at a daily average of 253, 000 barrels.
  7. Gabon: Gabon’s production output stood at an average of 188, 000 per day.
  8. Ghana: The West African country’s daily crude production output in 2021 was 176, 000 barrels.
  9. Equatorial Guinea: The average daily production output in this country was 71, 000 barrels.
  10. Chad: Production output was 70, 000 barrels per day.

Keep in mind that, according to, Brent Crude (the worldwide benchmark price for oil sales) is presently selling at $110.3 a barrel.

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