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The Ghana Card Was Created To Introduce 666 – Ghanaian Writer Claims


A Ghanaian writer has dropped a new conspiracy theory about the introduction of the Ghana Card as a universal identifier to drive Ghana’s digitization agenda as propounded by Vice President Bawumia.

According to this well-read writer, the card was created to usher in the Biblical period, 666 where citizens will face tough inconvenience if they do not have and show their Ghana Cards.

According to him, without the Ghana Card, very soon, Ghanaians or even non-Ghanaians residing in the country will face severe impediments and it will be likened to the prophesied 666 period where people will need to provide special identification before they can go about their daily activities.

Tweeting at @GhanaSocialU, this writer intimated that the re-registration of SIM cards with the Ghana Card is one of the many inconveniences that will be introduced to Ghanaians…in the end, many will not be able to communicate using their mobile phones, buying and selling will be curtailed and the citizens will be remote-controlled which tie into the overall 666 agenda.

While many treated this claim with disdain and apparent disgust, the writer was firm in his thought and belief that Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia is championing the digitization agenda not to push for the betterment of society but to control the lives of all and sundry residing in Ghana.

“You guys don’t understand what’s going on right?! The Ghana Card becomes like chip u use to access everything n without you can’t do anything! All this to digitize us and bring us to the 666 ! Without the card u won’t be able to trade(buy n sell) as your Momo is connected to it :” he wrote.

Below are some of the comments the post garnered

@FixAfricaNow: This is how christians criticised social media and attributed to your so called 666. Today, same pastors are using same social to preach the book your slave masters gave you. Region is to control the mind & has become nuisance to our development. Think outside the box

@Owusu_Critical: So without SIM card how can u make calls?? Is that also not part of 666?? Mo de333 gyimiii nkoaaa

@ohenebaaadjoa wrote: The fact that a short while ago people were calling on government and network providers to find way to end mobile money fraud and find a way to track kidnappers and criminals but the solution is 666?

@Akosuahere wrote: Stop spewing your mind. Read and understand Revelations maybe you will understand 666 better. Rather tag this as a conspiracy theory. You’ve a lot to learn from the word as a son of God Be informed before you misinform CHRISTIANITY IS NOT DUMB

@pianosecretary wrote: It’s great if u r giving an awareness but if u r trying to wane people from signing into it then u r wrong cos this are things that will surely come to pass. We can’t stop it in anyways. Also, don’t be worried about this ignorant who are jux insulting.

What is your opinion on this?

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