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The Forestry Commission destroys five hectares of illegal farms.

In the Krokosue Hill forest reserve, the Juaboso-Bia forest district burned five hectares of unauthorized plantain fields.

They do this as part of their efforts to stop unlawful activity and protect the forest reserve.

The Western North Region’s forests have been suffering from a variety of unlawful operations, including farming, timber logging, illegal mining, hunting, and other activities.

The Forestry Commission started an initiative to deter offenders from targeting the forest reserve because of this.

Five hectares of plantation farms were demolished, and the product from the remaining farms was distributed to the local hospitals and senior high schools.

Juaboso-Bia Forest District Manager Mark Aidoo Gyamfi said this during an interview with Adom News.

Additionally, Mark Aidoo Gyamfi counseled those illicit farmers to stop what they were doing and look for legal ways to grow in the forest.

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