‘The empty headedness of the youth was good enough to vote you into power’ – Senyo Hosi to KT Hammond

The youth were criticized by several politicians for booing President Akufo-Addo at the Global Citizen Festival in Accra, which upsets the former CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors.

Senyo Hosi expressed his astonishment at the level of conceit political actors exhibit in a tweet.

On Friday, he questioned, “The youth’s dimwittedness was good enough to vote you into power but not competent to analyze your incompetence.”

His remark follows that of Adansi Asokwa lawmaker Kobina Tahir Hammond, who claimed that individuals who heckled the president are not even capable of leading the nation if given the chance.

He believed that the audience’s jeers were an inappropriate display of disrespect.

“We will keep pleading with you, young men and women, to have patience. The elderly are always consulted by society when a problem needs to be solved. Not you kids, whose heads like coconuts.

“At the very least, you ought to have held off on hooting until he had even mounted a political platform, and not at such an event. Let’s not treat the elderly with disrespect because of politics.

“You, the youth, cannot be placed in charge of the country’s governance alone. You won’t even be able to grasp it, let alone be able to accomplish it. You’ve kept your beards unruly about town, but your mind is empty, he continued.

However, Mr. Hosi thinks K. T. Hammond erred in making these claims.

The former CEO tweeted, “Who on earth do you think you are,” without directly addressing the congressman.

Mr. Hosi added that the youth in Ghana had been let down by the leadership, which was the cause of their unrest.

You ought to apologize rather than criticize, he said.

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