The decision of Zambia’s president to sell his private jet for a cheaper one is being met with backlash

Zambia’s president, Hakainde Hichilema, has announced plans to dispose of the nation’s presidential jet, which was bought by the previous administration, in the months before his inauguration.

Edgar Lungu, the nation’s former leader, bought the $193 million jet when he was in power. According to reports, the jet was bought in a highly contentious transaction.

Hakainde Hichilema, the current president, declared his intention to recoup the $193 million (£160 million) used to buy the Gulfstream g650.

On Tuesday, he said at a conference for judges that the money spent on the plane was entirely unnecessary and that a much less expensive option with comparable capabilities would be more than adequate. At least $100 million less is spent on the utility’s budget under his preferred plan.

“We do not support that expenditure since for about $20 million we could have purchased a reliable, capable plane, according to Hakainde Hichilema.

“So why did it cost $193 million to buy that bit of metal? We could have supported the judiciary, purchased several school tables for the children, funded one or two border posts, and taken care of the legal system “Added he.

Even though the president’s choice appears to be honorable and commendable, there are some issues with it. The president’s decision to sell the plane has been denied by the Zambian air force since it is a military asset and not a government asset.

The general public believes that their president’s security is jeopardized by selling the jet. However, other people have praised the President’s goal.

In any case, the contentious scandal has attracted the attention of the nation’s anti-corruption commission, which has opened an investigation into the circumstances behind the jet’s purchase.

The organization revealed on Wednesday that it is looking into whether the previous government might have purchased the jet for more than the “then $65m regular price.”

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