The country with the most female politicians in the world is in Africa

Rankings of the proportion of women in national parliaments are released each month by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), a global organization of national parliaments.

The analysis reveals that the globe is not yet on track to achieve gender equality in politics by 2030 because it demonstrates that the gap between men and women is closing more slowly than anticipated.

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As of November 1st, 2021, Rwanda was listed as the nation with the most women in parliament worldwide. The country of East Africa has 49 women and 31 males in its parliament.

Directly behind Rwanda come Cuba, Nicaragua, and Mexico. A pattern in the data from the survey indicates that European nations are dominating the rankings.

Martin Chugong, the IPU’s secretary general, stated that the average percentage of women holding legislative posts around the world is currently 25.5%, surpassing a quarter for the first time ever.

“While we rejoice and embrace this record-breaking high, we believe that development is painfully, if not agonizingly, slow. Before we attain gender parity in parliament, it will take another 50 years at the current rate. Naturally, we can all agree that this situation is untenable and unacceptable,” said Chugong.

In Africa, Rwanda, South Africa, Namibia, Senegal, and Ethiopia are the top 5 nations with the most female politicians. The only African nation to consistently place in the

Speaking about the reasons why many African nations have fallen out of the top 10 IPU rankings in recent years, Chugong highlighted that this is not because African nations have reduced their representation of women, but rather because other nations have increased it.

“The fact that there won’t be as many African nations in the top 10 does not indicate that they are performing poorly. It’s only that other nations have risen in the rankings.

Therefore, he said, “as some nations climb to the top, others fall, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing well in terms of gender equality.”


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