The cocaine addict who refuses to bath (Video)

Bismark Appiah, 30, opened up to Step One TV about his struggle with cocaine addiction.

Mr. Appiah, who has been consuming heavy narcotics for more than 13 years, told Barima Agyemang in his upcoming documentary on drug addiction that he wants to end the addiction that has taken a toll on his body.

He claims that after using marijuana for a while, he moved on to cocaine, which he currently spends roughly $400 per day on.

He claimed that he had previously committed theft to support his addiction, which had gotten him six months in prison. Since then, he has been collecting and selling scrap metal, earning between 150 and 200 Ghana cedis per day.

The man, who is from the Oti Region’s Nkonya, said he hasn’t seen his parents in seven years and doesn’t know where they are.

He said that he hadn’t taken a bath in more than a month when asked why he looked so disheveled.

He claims that the cocaine he abuses wears off anytime he bathes, which is why he avoids drinking any water.

We don’t have time to take a bath… I can’t buy anything if I take a bath because all the smoke wears off, he added.

He said that he had entered a rehabilitation facility in an effort to kick his cocaine addiction because he was unhappy with his existing way of life.

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