The Bitcoin Technology Center opens to educate local community in Ghana

The educational institution focuses on financial empowerment and financial literacy with the goal of establishing and maintaining a Bitcoin circular economy.

Accra, Ghana, December 5, 2022 The Bitcoin Technology Center (BTC), a learning and training facility in Kumasi, Ghana, has officially opened, according to the humanitarian organization Built With Bitcoin Foundation (BWB). This month’s inaugural Africa Bitcoin Conference inspired the construction of the center, which will be administered by Ghanaians, for Ghanaians.


On December 8th, a campus visit to introduce the Bitcoin Technology Center will take place, with 200 attendees anticipated, including 50 students from eight nearby schools. Leaders from organizations like Paxful, the Human Rights Foundation, Bitnob, Bitcoin for Fairness, and others will also be present at the opening.

The facility aims to provide the neighborhood with information and expertise in the finance and technology sectors as well as to develop community and a secure learning environment. The center will be open to everyone, and in its first year of operation, it hopes to instruct and train about 400 people.

The following topics will be covered by the Bitcoin Technology Center:

  • Financial literacy: understanding money
  • An introduction to Bitcoin
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to computers
  • Introduction to coding

The facility intends to conduct monthly meetups and “Intro to Coding” camps in addition to regular classes. Around eight locals, including administrators and lecturers, will work at the center. With the help of the Edwinase community, Blockchain Foundation Africa, and the larger Bitcoin community, the facility is being funded by the Built With Bitcoin Foundation. Similar to Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador and Bitcoin Ekasi in South Africa, the Bitcoin Technology Center aims to establish and maintain a Bitcoin circular economy. The project has already helped the neighborhood by hiring over 30 construction workers who were paid in bitcoin to build the facility.

Education is a fundamental human right, but not everyone has access to it, according to Built With Bitcoin Foundation founder Ray Youssef. This causes and maintains structural problems, particularly in parts of Africa where people are waging a bloody battle to end economic apartheid. The Built With Bitcoin Foundation is dedicated to educating and building up communities in Africa to empower Africans. A new era in finance is beginning as we bring more participants to the table and create a genuinely global economy.

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation’s founder and Director, Yusuf Nessary, stated: “Education is the cornerstone of any community, whether it be financial, health, agricultural, and so on. Additionally, educating individuals about how Bitcoin can support them and their families through business, financial inclusion, knowledge, and social empowerment is essential to shielding vulnerable populations from bad actors and empowering them personally. Our goal is to strengthen communities through education, therefore this announcement is very satisfying to us since we believe it will help establish a circular economy that will stand the test of time. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the center’s first group of students and the subsequent expansion of the local neighborhood.

Following the Built With Bitcoin Foundation’s continuous dedication to financial literacy within the Bitcoin community, this announcement was made. The foundation has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world by constructing and renovating twelve schools and educational facilities thus far.

The team’s years-long efforts to build communities by supplying clean water, access to top-notch education, sustainable farming, and humanitarian aid have culminated in the Bitcoin Technology Center.

Description of the Built With Bitcoin Foundation

Powered by Bitcoin, the Built With Bitcoin Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with the mission of fostering opportunity through the provision of clean water, excellent educational access, sustainable agriculture, and humanitarian aid.

The Built with Bitcoin Foundation was established by Yusuf Nessary, the Foundation’s Director of Philanthropy, and Ray Youssef, its Executive Director, to give people access to water and education. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have benefited from the foundation’s construction and maintenance work on twelve schools and learning facilities, seven solar projects, and more than a dozen water and farming systems.

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